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Macro photography workshop Mt Ruapehu

February 2017

Come and explore Ruapehu and its amazing biodiversity while taking your macro photography to the next level. Photographing Nature in association with Craig McKenzie & Chris Helliwell are holding the 2017 Ruapehu macro photography workshop from 3-6 February 2017. This is a one-off special priced workshop.

Mt Ruapehu is an excellent place for photography in general. It has stunning landscapes and mountain ranges, with clear flowing rivers and waterfalls. The weather offers amazing photography opportunities that range from crystal clear summer night skies which provide breath-taking views of the milky way, though to misty, rainy weather, that give dramatic images of the vast landscapes and lush green forests. There are an extensive range of habitats, from the alpine zone, down through to wetlands and beech forests. These habitats support a huge range of biodiversity and there are amazing opportunities to see or hear some of New Zealand’s rare and endangered plants and animals such as kiwi, whio (blue duck), lizards, velvet worms (peripatus), and red mistletoe.

There are opportunities for macro photography everywhere you look, from the flowering alpine plants to the lichens and mosses growing on the rocks and trees. Once the sun goes down the tiny creatures of the night come to life. Some of New Zealand’s most amazing invertebrates can be found at Mt Ruapehu during the summertime. If you take a walk at night along one of the tracks and look carefully, you can often see many invertebrates interacting in their habitat such as weta, velvet worms water spiders and many more.

Macro photography provides a way to see into the lives of these creatures. Through the lens you are able to see the amazingly detailed patterns, textures and striking colours of the macro world. With good timing you might find an invertebrate feeding or watch it laying eggs.

For full details including costs and how to register please see Photographing Nature's workshop website

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